High Fidelity listening bar in Prague
Address: Šmeralova 22, Prague 7
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cult hifi listening bar in prague

Listening bar legacy

Cult is a listening bar inspired by Japanese listening bars that focus on quality, unique and simple atmosphere and music selection without prejudice. In the 1950s, simply playing music from vinyl records in venues of this caliber became a unique affair for music connoisseurs and later even for the general public. Over the decades, the quality of listening bar equipment and the sophistication of the production and the whole bar concept improved until it was taken to the next level and ordinary record bars became a cult. The cult of the listening bar. We at Cult want to continue this tradition of simplicity, quality and unbiasedness and provide the best possible experience for our visitors, both musically, gastronomically and atmospherically.

Red light indicates
Cult is open

The cult is hidden in the basement of the Tvaroh Café. You can tell if the Cult is open by the red neon on the building. If the neoin is shining red, you can walk through the café to the basement where you will find listening bar.

Opening hours are regularly on Thrusdays from 19:00 to 01:00, Fridays and Saturdays from 20:00 to 02:00

Hi-Fi Equipment

As followers of simplicity, druability and quality, we have a unique and minimalistic setup configured for listening bar atmoshpere that you won't find anywhere else in the Czech Republic. All music equipment in Cult is of top quality.

Our setup

Mixer: ISONOE ISO420 Rotary Mixer-Preamplifier
Front Speakers: Klipsch La Scala
Rear Speakers: Klipsch Heresy III
Turntables: RELOOP Rp-7000 MK2
Amplifier: Yamaha MX-2
Monitors: Focal Alpha 80 Studio Monitors

Optimized for listening

All walls are optimally soundproofed using glass wool in a protective film covered by a wooden partition with holes to absorb interference. This is the only way to enjoy undistorted music production without distracting elements such as echoes, excessive rumbling bass and the like.The speakers are positioned at the ideal height so that you can perceive the centre frequencies directly while sitting.

Get in touch

If you want to make a reservations use this reservation form. In case you're interested in renting space for your private event, drop us a message on IG or email.

Drinks Menu

You can find drinks menu here

Opening Hours

Thursdays: 7PM - 01AM

Fridays: 8PM - 2AM
Saturdays: 8PM - 2AM

How to get in

When the neon outside is shining red that's the sign Cult is open for you. Just walk through the Tvaroh café to the basement and you will find us.